Who we Are/Quienes Somos



C.E.L.A. is a private educational institution of superior education. We are an instrument in the hands of God to enable those who are willing to learn.  We give equal opportunities to others and we help them accomplish their goals.


Our vision is based on the book of Proverbs 24:5 which says, “The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength”. This is why our slogan is “Forming Men and Women to change the World”. CIU will strive to be an institution that contributes to the betterment of society by equipping christians leaders to fulfill God’s plan in their lives by setting high standards in the areas of christian education, moral character, and discipline.



CIU has originated hundreds of men and women who wanted to be trained for service in God’s work. We started making seminars for leadership training and Chaplain school (International Police Chaplain). We could see the need to educate and the willingness that we received from the people. This prompted us to begin our project with our university. Today, C.E.L.A. University is a vision come true and is a blessing to many people who are decided to make a difference in our society.




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