The importance of Chaplaincy     
God has raised INTERNATIONAL POLICE CHAPLAIN MINISTRY to train men and women to raise the arms of their pastors. To use their coverage to develop ministries of helping others, sharing compassion and hope in prisons, hospitals, hospices and wherever there is a need. The chaplaincy ministry has no barriers of race, creed, color or nationality. It brings love, addressing the needs of all human beings, and also providing outreach programs and on all fronts.
Many Chaplain Graduates
As of July 2012 until December 2014, we have graduated 1022 Chaplains in 246 different churches of different denominations and councils. Our graduates are not only in South Florida but also in 16 other U.S. states and several countries in Central and South America, as well as Asia, Africa and Europe.
Teaching Profile of Chaplaincy
We emphasize throughout the seminar, the respect for each ministerial vision. The respect for each ministry and their pastors. We do not touch on doctrinal issues, but rather teach ministerial ethics and the appreciation what each church contributes to the well-founded work of the gospel.
Who can become a Chaplain?
All men and women (18+ yrs.) with a heart of compassion for others can become a chaplain. There is no limit based on immigration status or time having spent in church or position. There is a need everywhere for chaplains.
What do chaplain graduates receive?
In addition to receiving a course of 9 lessons upon graduation. The graduate receives an official Chaplain Badge with leather pouch, an ID of official chaplain, Diploma of graduation, and course medal.
INTERNATIONAL POLICE CHAPLAIN MINISTRY is accredited by the State and Federal level, with international validity, this school is under the credits of CELA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, INTERNATIONAL TRANSWOLD ACREDITATIONS and the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION of the state of Florida.
How to enroll in the program?
We have intensive seminars, which are given in one weekend, and other seminars given in several weeks. We have classes in all of South Florida and schedule seminars in several other states in U.S. and in other countries. If you wish to assist our seminars in Miami, FL. we are located on:
965 West Flagler St. Miami, Fl. 33130.
If you cannot attend, you can take the seminar via online, or have us mail you the book and lessons or you can receive lessons in audio or video to your email address.
Seminars in your church, city, or country
We have had many seminars in different Christian ministries throughout the years. Pastors and church leaders have organized seminars with church members and members of other churches. If you wish to organize a seminar in your church, city or country, we can support you with all the materials necessary to graduate Chaplains in your area. Feel free to contact us calling 786-488-3044 (In Miami, FL, USA) or via E-mail:, you can also send us a letter to: CAPELLANIA INTERNACIONAL P.O. BOX 669371 MIAMI, FL. 33166, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Chaplain Levels
Level 1: 9 Lesson Chaplaincy preparation
Level 2: Continued Studies: Diploma in Counseling, Crisis management and Temperaments
Level 3: Continued Studies: Counseling Level 2. Crisis Management Level 2 and Family Therapy
Level 4: Continued Studies: Pastoral Psychology, Mental Health, Values and Ethics

Chaplain Graduates have the opportunity to study for a career in Chaplaincy in CELA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. The duration of career training is 1 year to receive a degree and HAVE THE ABILITY TO WORK IN A CHAPLAIN CAREER IN VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT AND RECEIVING A SALARY FOR YOUR SERVICE. Please call for more information.




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